Welcome to my tatting pages. I hope you enjoy your stay. Feel free to browse around. I have
plenty for you to look at. Here is a little essay about how I got started in this wonderful
art of tatting: I learned how to tat from my mother-in-law 14 years ago. It was about a year
before my wife and I were to be married. My mother-in-law was tatting some Christmas
ornaments for my future wife for a Christmas present for her. I was at their house to help
out with the wedding plans. I saw the way my MIL's hands were going back and forth in a
quick and easy motion and how the intricate lace appeared out from underneath her hands as
she tatted. It intriqued me so. I was doing nothing much at the time, so had to learn this
skill and craft. I grew up with my mom teaching me several crafts, such as knitting and other
fiber arts. So I figured that I would be able to handle this craft as well. My MIL was very
happy to show me how to tat. She had learned from her Grandmother and wanted to get tatting
passed down in the family. It took me only two hours before I was starting my own
snowflake. I finished it in time to have it put with the rest of the snowflakes for my future
wife's Christmas present. We still have my first project and still hang it on our tree. After
several years later I had found out that I, too, have some relatives that knew how to tat.
Wasn't aware of it before. I had two great aunts that tatted. They had passed away some
time before I knew, but I was given their tatting shuttles as a momento. I treasure them.
So the art of tatting runs in my family, too.

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