Kim and I invited one of our HS buddies, who is big into photography, to come with us to meet someone at the mall to pick up my new toy. It is something I have been waiting for years to get and I finally found it on this past Monday. This is my first experience with Craigslist and both the seller and we were nervous as to how to safely go about this transaction. But we all did fine. After a few connection problems this week in trying to get our schedules perfected, we finally decided on a time and place. What toy am I talking about???


It is a Canon D30 SLR Digital camera. YES! This is my first digicam and I have been operating a film camera all these years. Not that I would stop, but lately with the market forcing digital this and that on you and the developing of film just isn’t up to par that it makes my film pictures so grainy, that I have been longing to get a digital camera. But I didn’t want to just settle for anything. I wanted something that was toward the professional style. Granted this isn’t top of the line and a few years old. But it still is a great package. And it was sold to me by a professional photographer that kept his equipment in tip-top shape. And I couldn’t pass up this deal with all it included.

Sorry about the bad picture. Had to use the old digicam I have been borrowing to take this pic ;) It came with a 28-200 wide angle zoom f/3.5-5.6, 72mm UV filter, a professional battery grip BG-ED3, 2 Li-On batteries, 2 memory cards(one is 1gb and other is 16mb), battery charger, and a strap. You can view the specs HERE

Anyhoo….the transaction of meeting the photographer and money went smoothly and then we ate at the Cheesecake Factory. MMMMM……
One of the reasons we asked our HS buddy to come along was so he could help me figure out/play with the new camera. He is saavy with these things and I needed some good advice. I was used to film cameras and this is my first experience with this high quality digicam. Just down the road from the mall was the Butterfly House and he hasn’t been there before and we knew he would enjoy it. He of course has his own digital SLR. So we all enjoyed the afternoon in a very muggy(200%??) but BEAUTIFUL setting of the Butterfly House and got TONS of pictures. Also the grounds had gardens and geese and ducks. So lots of pics of those too.
Tomorrow I will pick up the card reader so I can upload my pictures and show you some. I did notice that I had to relieve my constraint of taking only necessary pictures. I was used to film cameras and running out of film is a constant battle. But with this 1gb card I could take multiple pictures without thinking and still not reach half the card. I think in this one afternoon I took about 300 pictures! I am sure not all are good. I will spare you those LOL!

Thus begins my new adventure into digital photography. And just in time! I have a couple of photoshoots to do and need to get practicing!