OK….so I lied about not tatting again for a while! I usually don’t do this because I tend to be lax and not get projects done or I sign up for so many I can’t get them done in time and I am late. But this time I only signed up for ONE exchange and I am putting all effort into it. I went and joined the Arachne Christmas Card Exchange through the Arachne Lace List. Of course I wanted to design my own instead of using someone else’s. And I design best in tatting. Plus I will share the pattern with all lacemakers that will be featured on the card exchange. Nice to give back to the lace community when all I seem to do is take….mostly. So there you have it. I have until the end of November to get my card made and mailed in.

My life is anything but boring. You think we could just settle down and be couch potatoes. NOOO! I have had a couple of senior photo shoots with a couple of senior HS guys in different location around town and trying to schedule around the sunlight/clouds and rain that seems to be pooring daily. Plus working around their schedules. I am not the only one busy! Also some indoor shots had to be scheduled. They are turning out nice so far. Also I have 25 caricature drawings to do for my aunt’s place of work for their employees Christmas presents. So I am without nothing to do for a while as I had hoped. My bobbin lace hasn’t been touched since you last saw my progress on that doily. Maybe I will get to it in December??? PAH!

Just to brighten your day after all that, I found this cute Halloween animation. It’s like….GIMME, GIMME, GIMME! hehe