This is my last weekend to get anything done on the lace while I apply and bead it as we go. We will be at wit’s end all next week trying to get everything polished up for the wedding. I will be taking the full week off just for that purpose. So you may not hear from me for a while. Then after the weekend of the wedding will be the beginning of healing time for us as we wind down from the rucus and I put down my shuttles for a looooong hiatus. Believe it or not, I am kind of sick of tatting right now. OK….not really “sick”, but my hands and arms say so. They hurt from it. So I will be picking up my bobbins for lacemaking for a bit. That doesn’t hurt as much as the tatting movements. Don’t get me wrong….I will on occasion pick up the shuttles just to get a design out here and there or a project that needs done. And YES there are some patterns that need to be written down for future use. ;)

until next time……………..