It started on Friday evening when we set up my lace display in one of the bank rooms off of the downtown square as part of the ArtWalk. The two pictures below is of my display and the room. We had a ball visiting friends we don’t get to see too often and it was non-stop visiting and demo-ing. Quite exhausting for the 3 hours we were there.


Then on Saturday and Sunday we took part in the Heritage Days on the Goshen Trail in Godfrey, IL. Saturday was MISERABLE with rain all day and cold. Not much crowd obviously. But Sunday was sun all day and luckily dried out the tent. But the mud was still present. The demo on Sunday with the nice weather was good and a nice crowd. I made quite a few connections and hope to teach some of the local people that are interested in classes for both tatting and bobbin lace. A local bobbin lace friend came to visit who is also on one of the lace list and we had a good 2 hour chat. Below you can see a slide show of the happenings. The last photos are of our booth and my demo pillow with a Bedfordshire lace edging that I continue to work on. So far about a yard and a half done. I believe it is a Springett pattern, but don’t recall the book it came from.

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