I got quite a bit done on my website. From the homepage you have a choice to go to Tatterville or Bobbinburg. Once you click on Tatterville link it will take you to a very animated page with more fun choices:

Needle News, a place to find your favorite tatting patterns I have created.
Magic Thread Shop, a place to sell my books and anything else I might create.
Picot Picture Theater, it will show a slide show of projects I have worked on.
Switchboard, so you can “call” on me if you need help or just want to chat.
Shuttle Station, a place to that will take you to tatty links from all over the internet.
Double Stitch High School, “Home of the Flying Shuttles!”, a place where you can learn how to tat and further your skills.

Currently only the Tatterville page, Needle News, Magic Thread Shop, Double Stitch HS, and the Switchboard are working. The other have lots of work to do on them. Well…the DSHS page has a lot of work still since it isn’t updated from last time my website went offline.

But there you have it! Please take a gander around and warn you that there are still lots of pages to be worked on and there are dead links. Hope you enjoy it!