This coming weekend we have triple the show time.  We have scheduled to demonstrate lacemaking and silk ribbon embroidery at three different places Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Are we nuts????????




Here is why……….It happens that the Friday event is here in downtown Greenville.  It is put on by <A HREF=””>OCG – Our Common Ground</A> and is a social event to showcase local artists, wineries, musicians, etc.  Saturday we set up our heritage tent in Vandalia at Grande Levee.  It is a one day event and they usually host it in June, but they changed to Sept.  Which puts a damper on another historical event we demonstrate this weekend which is a two day event.  That is <A HREF=””>Heritage Days on the Goshen Trail</A> in Godfrey, IL.  But they must be hurting for vendors because they are allowing us to come for just Sunday to set up and demonstrate.  ISN’T THAT NICE OF THEM!!!


Hope to have loads of pictures to show you of our 3 day demonstrating weekend.  Stay tuned!!!