I have been tatting earrings for the upcoming show this weekend at Lincoln Log Cabin near Lerna, IL. They are fairly fast and easy even though they are two and 3 shuttle works.

This first pair is out of Sulky Blendables thread size 12, color #713. It is two shuttle work with leaf tallies(clunies). Had a little trouble getting my thread tight up to the tally from the ring. A bit sloppy. But it is only 1.5 cm tall. Hardly noticeable at that scale. I would have added beads to the bottom picots of the rings, but I was just designing and beads to me are after thought. When I do them again I will add beads. ;)

This next pair was fun to design. It is worked with 2 shuttles and a thicker core thead(shuttle attached for ease) in pearl tatting technique. Love designing in this! I used DMC Cebelia Cotton size 30 for the core and Coron Cotton size 160 for the pearl tatting on both sides.  It measures 2.5 cm long and  I started to design it to go around and meet back up at the large ring at the top. But then I thought and turned directions and made it fade smaller to to a point going in opposite direction. I plan on dangling a pearl drop bead at the point. Yes beads are after thought.

This last pair is similar to the S-curved pair in construction and thread, but I like the tear drop shape and used the graduating small to big to small rings effect to achieve that. I will dangle a pearl drop bead in the center.  It measures 2cm tall.

And with the help of Photoshop(haven’t made it yet) I could make a matching pendent combining the two motifs! That is the fun of designing little motifs that work well together. You can manipulate them around to make bigger and exciting projects. Just build on your own ideas. :)

I plan on making these last two earrings in several colors with beads. Won’t get them all done before this coming weekend. But it is a start!