Bobbin Lace

I received my ornament/card from Eleanor Suverison from the Heartland Lace Guild’s card exchange.

She states in her letter that the pattern came from “Daphne Martin 2007″ Bauble.
Thread used “Valdani Hand Dyed Varigate”
Coor used “Fuschia Garden-M 72
With Kreinik Metallic on each bobbin.

I can detach it from the card to hang on my tree :)

OK….so I lied about not tatting again for a while! I usually don’t do this because I tend to be lax and not get projects done or I sign up for so many I can’t get them done in time and I am late. But this time I only signed up for ONE exchange and I am putting all effort into it. I went and joined the Arachne Christmas Card Exchange through the Arachne Lace List. Of course I wanted to design my own instead of using someone else’s. And I design best in tatting. Plus I will share the pattern with all lacemakers that will be featured on the card exchange. Nice to give back to the lace community when all I seem to do is take….mostly. So there you have it. I have until the end of November to get my card made and mailed in.

My life is anything but boring. You think we could just settle down and be couch potatoes. NOOO! I have had a couple of senior photo shoots with a couple of senior HS guys in different location around town and trying to schedule around the sunlight/clouds and rain that seems to be pooring daily. Plus working around their schedules. I am not the only one busy! Also some indoor shots had to be scheduled. They are turning out nice so far. Also I have 25 caricature drawings to do for my aunt’s place of work for their employees Christmas presents. So I am without nothing to do for a while as I had hoped. My bobbin lace hasn’t been touched since you last saw my progress on that doily. Maybe I will get to it in December??? PAH!

Just to brighten your day after all that, I found this cute Halloween animation. It’s like….GIMME, GIMME, GIMME! hehe


While I have been trying to crash in the evenings from the wedding event last weekend, This is what I have been working on


I believe it is Hungarian style tape lace. Not sure. It is a pattern out of Doris Southard’s book “Lessons In Bobbin Lacemaking”. I started this AGES ago and only had one corner and inside corner done. There it sat like that for years. Until now. I found this raw unbleached linen thread that I wanted to try and picked this pattern. The raw linen proves to be a challenge more than the lace. It has nubs and imperfections and will occasionally break. Yet it is a strong thread. When I get it done I can tell that it will be a crisp doily. I will probably want to mangle it to make the linen thread shine.

This is my last weekend to get anything done on the lace while I apply and bead it as we go. We will be at wit’s end all next week trying to get everything polished up for the wedding. I will be taking the full week off just for that purpose. So you may not hear from me for a while. Then after the weekend of the wedding will be the beginning of healing time for us as we wind down from the rucus and I put down my shuttles for a looooong hiatus. Believe it or not, I am kind of sick of tatting right now. OK….not really “sick”, but my hands and arms say so. They hurt from it. So I will be picking up my bobbins for lacemaking for a bit. That doesn’t hurt as much as the tatting movements. Don’t get me wrong….I will on occasion pick up the shuttles just to get a design out here and there or a project that needs done. And YES there are some patterns that need to be written down for future use. ;)

until next time……………..

I was lucky to obtain 3 brand new copies of this book by Caroline and Barry Biggins. I am selling them on my ETSY SHOP.



Need to see what else I can list ;)

I just got a pleasant surprise when I opened our local paper! A picture of me demonstrating bobbin lace at the ArtWalk that was being held last Friday.

Scrapbooking that one ;)

It started on Friday evening when we set up my lace display in one of the bank rooms off of the downtown square as part of the ArtWalk. The two pictures below is of my display and the room. We had a ball visiting friends we don’t get to see too often and it was non-stop visiting and demo-ing. Quite exhausting for the 3 hours we were there.


Then on Saturday and Sunday we took part in the Heritage Days on the Goshen Trail in Godfrey, IL. Saturday was MISERABLE with rain all day and cold. Not much crowd obviously. But Sunday was sun all day and luckily dried out the tent. But the mud was still present. The demo on Sunday with the nice weather was good and a nice crowd. I made quite a few connections and hope to teach some of the local people that are interested in classes for both tatting and bobbin lace. A local bobbin lace friend came to visit who is also on one of the lace list and we had a good 2 hour chat. Below you can see a slide show of the happenings. The last photos are of our booth and my demo pillow with a Bedfordshire lace edging that I continue to work on. So far about a yard and a half done. I believe it is a Springett pattern, but don’t recall the book it came from.

[gigya width="460" height="350" src="" quality="high" flashvars="ql=2&src1=" align="middle" wmode="transparent" allowScriptAccess="sameDomain" ]

I got quite a bit done on my website. From the homepage you have a choice to go to Tatterville or Bobbinburg. Once you click on Tatterville link it will take you to a very animated page with more fun choices:

Needle News, a place to find your favorite tatting patterns I have created.
Magic Thread Shop, a place to sell my books and anything else I might create.
Picot Picture Theater, it will show a slide show of projects I have worked on.
Switchboard, so you can “call” on me if you need help or just want to chat.
Shuttle Station, a place to that will take you to tatty links from all over the internet.
Double Stitch High School, “Home of the Flying Shuttles!”, a place where you can learn how to tat and further your skills.

Currently only the Tatterville page, Needle News, Magic Thread Shop, Double Stitch HS, and the Switchboard are working. The other have lots of work to do on them. Well…the DSHS page has a lot of work still since it isn’t updated from last time my website went offline.

But there you have it! Please take a gander around and warn you that there are still lots of pages to be worked on and there are dead links. Hope you enjoy it!

Ever since my ISP passed away(bless his soul), I have had no website. I still retained ownership of the domain. I have the domain parked on a server, but I just couldn’t get myself to fork out the bucks it takes to get the website back online. Most hosts want 2-3 years of fees up front. NOT IN MY BUDGET! So I kept searching. I finally came across a fairly good FREE hosting website that gave more storage space. Most give you 50 to 100 megabytes. I guess I am a glutten and need more :-D This one has 1.5gb of storage. I will just have to be sparing on my files.

I am in the process of reworking my website both in function and content. It is still under construction, so please check back often for updates. I may post on this blog of what updates I have done on the site so that if you do check and start clicking on every link, you won’t be surprised if you get an error message and then send me an email about it…….because I already know this LOL!



As my auntie Sally requested, I have come up with a tatted version of St. Bridgets Cross. This pattern features pearl tatted chain with rings thrown off. Each motif is worked separately. And then when you work the next motif you picot lock join as you go. A lot more involved in making a tatting diagram than a bobbin lace one!! I am very interested in seeing your work if you happen to tat this pattern up. I am lost for time on making a sample. Too many irons in the fire!!


You can download the PDF version of this pattern HERE or select it from the TATTING PATTERNS list.

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