I have the privelege to be part of the Greenville Free Methodist mission team going to Santa Cruz, Bolivia this coming July 6-22, 2013. On this page you can see my progress, get updates, send prayer support and anything else your heart calls you to do. It will be quite a journey and experience and I would like you to be a part of it. :)

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I have posted an announcement on The Magic Thread Shop on Tat-man.net that explains things:

Magic Thread Shop

Will be looking for alternatives. :-\

Today at lunch I started on the spinning piece. I utilized my Honiton and Bruges skills to start the top of her cap. I used cloth stitch with “4 about the pin”(pin under 4) edges. I plan to keep the shapes simple with no fancy stitches. I want to keep the lines clean and make sure that it looks like a flax spinner. So far looking like I hoped!

Just to show you how my friend spins the flax/linen thread that I will be using, I found this video:

note: this isn’t my friend spinning. I will be starting to lace with the thread on the project during lunch today. More later!!

I just listed an exquisite sterling silver vintage/antique tatting shuttle on ebay. On one side is engraved the date of “1915″ and the other side is engraved with the initials “L. G.” Toward the tip along the side is the sterling silver mark that reads “Sterling .925″. This shuttle has a very sharp pick for joining and is a post style shuttle. It has some thread wound around it with some tatting in progress.

Had a good three days of demonstrating bobbin lace at the community building where the handicrafts exhibits were located at our local fair.  I am working on Bucks Point Lace in black thread.  I know…..not traditional for Bucks, but I like black lace!  I a using a Danish style roller pillow that I had made and using midland spangled bobbins.  Below is a couple of videos of me demonstrating bobbinlace:

Recognize anyone on this website?   http://www.demoulin.com/

This is the website from where I work.   I much prefer this pose:  http://tat-man.net/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/IMG_1762.jpg

WHEW!!!  what a gruelling few months it has been.  So busy that I didn’t have time to post anything to my blog.  Just a quick run down of what lace thing I have been working on lately.  It is a tatted floral fan project that I will be teaching at the Great Lakes Lace Guild’s Spring Fling this coming weekend.  Below is a compilation(thanks to Photoshop) of what the fan will look like.

It uses fan sticks especially made by John Aebi.  This is a 10 inch fan out of burled maple.  The tatting will be appliqued onto tulle.  It is comprised of several seperate motifs, each featuring a different technique  Each technique will be taught in the class.  Plus I will give the students liberty to design their own fan.  They don’t have to stick to this one.  If they can finish one of each motif then they can play around with it.

This weekend proves to be fun and exciting.  AND TIRING!  I haven’t slept well the past few days.  Be trying to get this fan done for the weekend and just now got all the paperwork and instructions done.

Until next time I find my blog……………

Below is one of my many labors of love during this time of costume making for the high school musical. It is one of two French Maid’s outfits for the “Daddy Warbucks” scenes. It is made of pink crepe backed satin with gauze apron and cuffs. All of it is trimmed in machine made lace(you think I am crazy to hand make the lace for these costumes to get torn up?????!!!!………..don’t answer that!……I could, but won’t and there isn’t enough year’s time to do that!) I also made 6 regular maid’s outfits and Mrs. Pugh and Mrs. Greer’s outfits too. Photos of those and other costumes at a later date.

It is getting past the point of “tearing our hair out” time trying to get these costumes done. Today and tomorrow’s practice is the last of the full run-throughs and we still have 5 outfits to make!!!! These kids are so patient with us and do understand that we are working our butts off to get them done. Thursday is full dress rehearsal and I will be taking pictures during the performance. So later I will have lots of pictures to show.

until I post again…….with a lot less hair on my head ;)

It was a whirlwind weekend we had visiting Chicago and my nephew who was there with his Air Force Gymnastics Team for a competiton at the University of Illinois in Chicago(UIC).  My folks and us started out Friday morning and arrived in Joliet to set up the RV in the nearby campground.  We got settled and went on into Chicago for the evening.  It has been 15+ years since I have been in and around Chicago.  More years than that since I have drove in the big city!  Now I am not the best driver(I prefer riding my bike), but when needed I can don on my “city driving hat” and act just as crazy as the next city driver.  So it was apparent when we were heading into the city on I-55 that this is a congested traffic more so than St. Louis(used to that city).  After a few turns off the highway we arrived at UIC to watch my nephew and his team perform.

After they did an outstanding job, we took my nephew on a little outing in the city at night.  Night driving in the big city when you don’t know where you are going is……let’s say…….quite a TRIP!!  I don’t get all flustered and just go with the traffic. If I get lost then I go another direction.  Good thing our car has a built in compass to tell us what direction we are going.  East means that the lake is straight ahead!!  But then there were two occasions that I went down the wrong way on a one way street.  I am good at U-turns LOL!!  It also didn’t help that we didn’t have a good city map.  Just an atlas that was crap.  After driving what almost literally was on every street in downtown Chicago, north and south at 10pm or later, we found a Subway that was open so we could eat.  There is almost a Subway and Starbucks on every block!!!  But only a few were open.  And my nephew hadn’t really eaten since 1pm.  Poor guy.

So after eating, we went back into the dark, wet and mysterious streets of Chicago to find his hotel room.  We didn’t really know the name of the street, other than that is was Holiday Inn a top of the Chicago Sun-Times building.  INTERESTING!!!  So again……..we travel all over the streets to find his hotel.  Again I put on my “city driving hat” and off we go on another jaunt in Chicago.  I like driving under the “L”!  At about 1am, we finally found his hotel!!!!!

Next day was a free day for my nephew so we drive back into the city to pick him up to have a fun day about the town.  This time we have a good detailed map of Chicago!!!  Better driving during the day. ;)   And I had quite a few hours of Chicago driving under my belt.  So I knew how to navigate.  We wanted to go up the Willis(Sears) Tower, but because of the low fog and high winds, it was closed and only can go in the lobby.  POOH!  So we headed on to the Museum of Natural History.  At this time it was getting late after touring Lake Shore Drive and the city while we wait for the rest of my family to show up.  So we connect with them at the museum 2 hours before they close!!!  OH well….we see what we can!

On Sunday was his final rotations for the meet.  At this point I was used to the city driving and knew where I was going.  Only took me a night and a half to do that!! LOL!  Again my nephew and his team did outstanding job!  We had a full day at the event and it was time to say good-bye to my nephew who we haven’t seen in so long.

Below is a picture that you can click on to get to my Facebook album to see the pictures I took of my nephew performing and of some of the sites in Chicago. You might see some resemblance to my nephew and me :-D

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