I have the privelege to be part of the Greenville Free Methodist mission team going to Santa Cruz, Bolivia this coming July 6-22, 2013. On this page you can see my progress, get updates, send prayer support and anything else your heart calls you to do. It will be quite a journey and experience and I would like you to be a part of it. :)

Love and Peace,


I have posted an announcement on The Magic Thread Shop on Tat-man.net that explains things:

Magic Thread Shop

Will be looking for alternatives. :-\

Working on my Arachne Christmas lace exchange item. I am working on a 16 inch polystyrene pillow(only one I had available, other pillows are full), but I don’t recommend that size. Not enough room for bobbin space as you can see. Use 20 inch or larger. The bobbins I am using are Belgium style continentals and one lone Bayeux bobbin. The thread I am using is Oliver Twist varigated for the leader pair and two passives and gold metallic Oren Byan for the left hand edge pair.

A nice surprise welcomed me this morning on my desk at work. I opened the plastic bag to find a clear box of varigated tatting thread in size 70. Star brand and Coats & Clark. Then in the cardboard box was a nice treasure: 4 heaps of already tatted “Hen & Chicks” edgings! The white and pink ones are 2 yards long and the red and teal/yellow are 18 inches long. I would say someone likes to tat that kind of edging ;)

Also inside the box are two balls of red C&C tatting thread and teal/yellow and varigated yellow. Presumably the thread used to make some of the edgings. Then the glimmer of shiny metal shuttles caught my eyes! One is a Susan Bates and the other an older, hardly used Boye metal shuttle. Funny thing about them was there wasn’t a bobbin to accompany any of them HAH. Good thing I have extra bobbins! Also in the box were some needles and an antique manicure stick(for lack of a better word). And lastly, two celluloid items. One looks to me to be a thread winder and the other I haven’t a clue. The thread winder fits inside the side slots, but loosely and the color of the celluloid is different. So I don’t think they go together.

The curious item has me stumped! It has a half dome hole on one end of the flat side and two molded, curved slides or arms on the long ends, as if it was to hold something.

If you have any idea what this could be, please let me know.

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful weekend!  The weather was a nice cool  high 60s F with some breeze and not a cloud in the sky.  We had fun socializing with our heritage friends.   Here is a slideshow of pics I took.

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Today at lunch I started on the spinning piece. I utilized my Honiton and Bruges skills to start the top of her cap. I used cloth stitch with “4 about the pin”(pin under 4) edges. I plan to keep the shapes simple with no fancy stitches. I want to keep the lines clean and make sure that it looks like a flax spinner. So far looking like I hoped!

Just to show you how my friend spins the flax/linen thread that I will be using, I found this video:

note: this isn’t my friend spinning. I will be starting to lace with the thread on the project during lunch today. More later!!

I am embarking on an interesting journey in my lace. I friend of mine who spins flax(who also is a beginner bobbin lacer) spun some linen thread out of her stock. She gave me a hank and I told her I would see how it laced up. Mind you, it is very rough thread, yet fine enough(like 50 weight cotton). I found this picture of one spinning flax. I plan on using the picture as my design and lacing directly from it. In the photo attached you can see I have pinned the picture to my bolster pillow and wound some large bobbins waiting to get started. After it is finished, I will give it to my friend, the spinner/lacemaker. I will keep you posted on my progress.

Below are 3 slideshows of pictures I took at the 3 demonstration events this past weekend. It was a lot of setting up and tearing down each day, but the social life was a blast!

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This coming weekend we have triple the show time.  We have scheduled to demonstrate lacemaking and silk ribbon embroidery at three different places Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Are we nuts????????




Here is why……….It happens that the Friday event is here in downtown Greenville.  It is put on by <A HREF=”http://www.ocgart.org”>OCG – Our Common Ground</A> and is a social event to showcase local artists, wineries, musicians, etc.  Saturday we set up our heritage tent in Vandalia at Grande Levee.  It is a one day event and they usually host it in June, but they changed to Sept.  Which puts a damper on another historical event we demonstrate this weekend which is a two day event.  That is <A HREF=”http://www.altonheritagedays.org/”>Heritage Days on the Goshen Trail</A> in Godfrey, IL.  But they must be hurting for vendors because they are allowing us to come for just Sunday to set up and demonstrate.  ISN’T THAT NICE OF THEM!!!


Hope to have loads of pictures to show you of our 3 day demonstrating weekend.  Stay tuned!!!

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